Knowledgeable Capital©The ZED Approach

“Knowledge is power” – Francis Bacon (1561-1626) British statesman and philosopher.

ZED Financial Partners is a boutique Investment and Merchant Bank headquartered in Toronto, Canada specializing in raising debt, equity and strategic investments.

ZED has developed a tightly focused approach to raising capital as opposed to the traditional “shotgun” approach.

Using our large proprietary database, which contains all the transactions which have been concluded by over 1,400 Private Equity Funds and over 400 Debt Providers, we are able to accurately pinpoint potential funders in North America and Europe who have specialist knowledge in a particular industry.

Transactions will only be presented to this limited, pre-qualified subset of knowledgeable investors, which leads to a better understanding of the opportunity presented and consequently more closed transactions.

Knowledgeable Capital© brings more than just money to the table; it brings strategic knowledge, access to market and experience.

Knowledgeable Capital©Capital from a source that has experience in a particular sector or industry.
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