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Akvatech AS

Akvatech AS (“AT”) holds a perpetual, irrevocable, transferrable, sole and exclusive license to exploit Agrimarine Holdings Inc.’s (“AHI”) disruptive Solid Wall Closed Containment Technology (“SWCC”) in Northern Europe for the farming of salmon, trout and arctic char.

AHI’s SWCC Technology was developed to solve many issues faced by traditional fish farming practices that are used worldwide. This system reduces local nutrient pollution of the receiving water systems through the capture of waste feed/feces and facilitates improved feed conversions; mitigates environmental effects on wild fish through the prevention of escapes and avoids sea lice contaminations.

ZED conceived the strategy with its partner Midos AS in Oslo and established a Norwegian company to execute on the strategy. ZED and Midos collectively control over 60% of the company.






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