Target Market

ZED Financial Partners accesses Knowledgeable Capital© for established mid-sized Canadian public or private companies, looking to finance:

Management Buyouts Management team wanting to buy out the existing shareholders;

Shareholder Buyouts One or more shareholders wanting to buy out other shareholders or shareholder;

Succession Plans Transferring the business from one generation to the next;

Acquisitions or Growth Acquiring another business or adding additional capacity;

Recapitalization Shareholder or entrepreneur wishing to take money out of the business to reduce risk or diversify assets;

Replacement of Debt Refinance existing debt with equity or other types of debt because of breach of covenants or otherwise.

Going Private Transactions A public company structure may no longer be appropriate for the stakeholder, who wishes to take it private.

Knowledgeable Capital©Capital from a source that has experience in a particular sector or industry.
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