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ZED Financial Partners is an international Investment and Merchant Banking boutique, established in 2002, headquartered in Toronto and Victoria, Canada specializing in raising debt and equity.


ZED has entered into financing alliances and partnerships with Peritus Capital in New York, NY, and Pivotas AG in Zürich, Switzerland, to expand its ability to finance complicated and specialized transactions globally.


ZED has developed a tightly focused Knowledgeable Capital© approach to raising capital. 

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ZED’s Financing Network 
• New York • Zürich

Using our large network of financiers, we can accurately pinpoint potential funds in North America and Europe, who have specialist knowledge in a particular industry or financial structure. 

Since its inception in 2002, ZED has been building its network of financiers in North America and Europe, and we constantly track:

•  industry preferences and investments made.

•  types of transactions and financial instruments previously invested in.

•  preferred investment size.

•  investment criteria, and

•  geographical preference.

This allows ZED to identify the most appropriate sources of capital very quickly.

Knowledgeable Capital© brings more than just money to the table; it brings strategic knowledge, access to market and experience.

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The UN estimates that the world’s population will reach a staggering 8.7 billion people in 2030, a population that needs to be fed.

Climate change is making in-field-farming unreliable or even untenable in many countries. The ocean, which feeds many countries, has dwindling resources due to overfishing, microplastics, and warming oceans.

Some of the answers lie in sustainable and profitable aquaculture and indoor grow facilities.


The principals of ZED are founders and shareholders of Akvatech AS based in Oslo. Akvatech is focused on commercializing its Solid Wall Closed Contained Fish Rearing System in Northern Europe. This technology will allow salmon to be farmed in-sea in a sustainable manner, without the environmental problems, such as sea lice, plaguing net-cage salmon farming today.

ZED, along with its partner Peritus Capital, are primarily focused on evaluating and financing land-based Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) along with other technologies that allow for large scale sustainable aquaculture and sea food logistics.

Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)

We are also heavily focused on CEA, in particular vertical farming and greenhouses. CEA is fundamentally an integration of various technologies to provide plants with the best environmental conditions during their growth.


These grow systems are isolated from the outside environment, where temperature, carbon dioxide, oxygen, lighting, humidity, nutrient concentration, pH, pest control, irrigation, and harvesting are tightly controlled.


CEA systems have proven highly effective in growing leafy greens, herbs, microgreens, and vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, melons, and sweet corn.




Climate change is a massive problem to solve, and there are many facets to combatting climate change and global warming, namely, Renewable Energy, Battery Storage Technology and Electric Metals.


ZED sourced a €215 million financing for Monaco based Longwind’s 500MW wind farm in Ukraine.


ZED sourced the financing for Talon Metals (Tamarack Mine | Nickel Copper Cobalt | Talon Metals Corp (TLO)[LR1] ) enabling it to close on its purchase of the Tamarack Mine from Rio Tinto.  Talon is developing the USA’s only domestic, high grade, clean nickel supply.


ZED sourced the US$50 million financing for Torngat Metals, a Quebec based Rare Earth Metal company with Cerberus Capital Management based in New York, NY (Torngat Metals Announces Investment from Cerberus Capital Management - Cerberus Capital Management).    

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Leon Raubenheimer, principal and founder of ZED, has also accepted a partnership with Pivotas AG, based in ZUG, Switzerland as a means to expand ZED’s financing capabilities into Europe.

Pivotas has a large network of Private Banks, Asset Managers and Family Offices in Europe in general and Switzerland in particular.

Pivotas is focused on four verticals, namely:


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ZED has been financing established mid-sized public or private companies since its inception in 2002.  


We finance:

  • Management or Shareholder Buyouts

  • Succession Plans

  • Acquisitions or Growth

  • Recapitalizations

  • Replacement of Debt

  • Going Private Transactions

  • Exit Financings

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Leon Raubenheimer BA,LLB,LLM 



Leon Raubenheimer has over 31 years of international experience as a corporate advisor and financier.


He is one of the co-founders of ZED and has been instrumental in setting the firm’s direction and strategy along with sourcing and structuring many of the firm’s transactions.


He was one of the founding partners of one of the largest independent investment banks in Canada. During the mid part of the 1990’s, he headed the Mining Group which raised more than $3.2 billion in equity financing for mining companies in Canada.


Thereafter, he specialized in complex financial structuring and headed the Structured Finance Group at his firm. He led the structuring and sales efforts for over $700 million of structured products for a number of Canada’s leading companies in a variety of industries.

Leon was previously a manager with a large merchant bank in South Africa. He has a Masters degree in Company Law from the University of South Africa.


Leon is an avid powder skier, shooter, golfer and fly-fisherman.

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