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Financing Criteria

Manufacturing and Non-Manufacturing (Service, Distriubution, etc.)

  • Established companies that have viable business operations in any sector.

  • Revenues should be in excess of $30 million and have positive EBITDA

  • Total capital (debt or equity) required should be between $10 million – $150 million.



  • Pharmaceutical drug companies should have completed at least Phase 1 of their trials.

  • Medical device companies should have proven technologies and at least $5 million of sales.


CleanTech and HiTech

  • CleanTech and HiTech should have proven technologies and have at least $5 million of revenue or some form of validating transaction.



  • Oil and Gas Exploration and Production debt transactions.


Start-Up Companies

  • ZED will NOT consider start-up, real estate or mining exploration companies.

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